License Lookup (Verification) for California-Licensed Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, and Geophysicists


You can look up the current status of California-licensed professional engineers, land surveyors, geologists, and geophysicists via DCA Search. The link to DCA Search is provided below the Important Notes section.


License Number Search Field: Enter NUMBERS ONLY without any leading zeroes. Do not enter alphabetical characters. Searching by License Number will locate results for that license number only. The same license number may be used for multiple license types, so double-check the license type on the search results to determine the appropriate discipline of licensure. If you wish, you may also include the License Type with the License Number by choosing from the drop down menu in the License Type Search Field.

Definitions of License Status are given below.

License Types: The letter designation for each license type is listed below.
NOTE: Civil Engineers with a license number of C 33965 and lower may practice land surveying without being licensed as a Land Surveyor.

Search Results: When the results of your search are returned, click on the license number link or the "More Details" button for further information regarding the license. If there are formal disciplinary actions against a licensee, that will be noted, and you will find a link to additional information about the enforcement action(s). PLEASE NOTE: Not all enforcement information is available online. We recommend that you contact the Board's Enforcement Unit at (916) 999-3593 or to check on the status of the license even if the status is CLEAR.

Advanced Search & Search Filters: You may use the Advanced Search feature from the DCA Search page or the Search Filters from the search results page to narrow your search and to combine search fields (such as searching for all Civil Engineers in Los Angeles County).

Business Name Search Field: Since the Board does not license businesses, searching on this field will return no results. To find out if an engineering or land surveying business has filed an Organization Record form with the Board, please contact the Board at (916) 999-3584.


To Obtain a List of Licensees
DCA Public Information – Licensee Lists

Finding Names to Match License Numbers from Survey Monuments

The following numerical lists may be used by anyone who locates a monument with a license number to find the name of the surveyor or civil engineer who set the monument. Further information about the person may be available by searching through license lookup, but records are not online for persons licensed prior to 1989 who were not current then and have not become current since then. You may call the Board at (916) 999-3600 to request more information about a licensee not on the lookup site, or send an e-mail request to

Click here for Numerical List of Civil Engineers
This 99-page .pdf file includes all licenses issued up to January 1, 1982. Civil Engineers registered prior to that date are authorized to practice all land surveying as defined in the Professional Land Surveyors' Act. Civil Engineer licenses issued after January 1, 1982, may be looked up using DCA Search linked above.

Click here for Numerical List of Land Surveyors
This .pdf file includes all Land Surveyor licenses issued between 1891 and May 20, 2000. Licenses issued after May 20, 2000, may be looked up using DCA Search linked above.

License Status Definitions

Clear: The license is current and valid. IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if the status is CLEAR, there could be complaints or disciplinary actions as part of the license history. You may contact the Board at 1-866-780-5370 (toll free) to check for complaints or disciplinary actions against this license.
Cancelled: The license is Delinquent (see definition below). The right to practice has expired.
Deceased: The licensee is deceased. This status is only assigned when the Board has verified through independent sources that the licensee is deceased.
Delinquent: The expiration date has passed, and the license has not been renewed. Delinquent licensees do not have the right to practice.
Denied: The license has been denied/suspended pursuant to Family Code section 17520 or Revenue and Taxation Code section 19528. The licensee does not have the right to practice.
150 Day TempLic: The licensee has been issued a temporary 150-day license pursuant to Family Code section 17520. The licensee may still practice.
Retired: The licensee has been issued a retired license by the Board. The licensee may no longer practice.
Revoked: The license is terminated, and the right to practice is ended. Revocation is the result of a disciplinary action.
Suspended: The licensee is prohibited from practicing for a specific period of time. Suspension is the result of a disciplinary action.
Voluntary Surrender/Surrender of License: The license has been voluntarily returned to the Board, and the right to practice is ended. Voluntary surrender is the result of a disciplinary action.

License Types

AG - Agricultural Engineer
C - Civil Engineer
CH - Chemical Engineer
CO - Consulting Engineer
CR - Corrosion Engineer
CS - Control System Engineer
E - Electrical Engineer
EG - Certified Engineering Geologist
FP - Fire Protection Engineer
GE - Geotechnical Engineer (or Soil or Soils Engineer)
GEO - Professional Geologist
GP - Professional Geophysicist
HG - Certified Hydrogeologist
I - Industrial Engineer
L - Land Surveyor
M - Mechanical Engineer
MF - Manufacturing Engineer
MT - Metallurgical Engineer
NU - Nuclear Engineer
P - Petroleum Engineer
PS - Photogrammetrist (Photogrammetric Surveyor)
Q - Quality Engineer
S - Structural Engineer
SF - Safety Engineer
TR - Traffic Engineer